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Depression in heart attack survivors is common, often untreatedOpen in a New Window

One in five people hospitalized for heart attack or chest pain develops major depression.


It’s official: Happiness really can improve healthOpen in a New Window

Happy people likely choose healthy behaviors—like exercising, eating well and getting adequate sleep—over unhealthy ones.


Why Americans are having less sexOpen in a New Window

Theories about why include parenting demands and social media.


The life-changing science of photographing your clutterOpen in a New Window

Students encouraged to photograph things before giving them away donated 35 percent more.


Interrupted sleep may lead to Alzheimer’sOpen in a New Window

There is increasing evidence that a solid night's sleep may protect against dementia.


Racial disparities raise risk of Alzheimer’sOpen in a New Window

The stress of poverty and racism may substantially raise the risks of dementia for African Americans.


Moms need social support, and not just in the baby yearsOpen in a New Window

Support networks may help mothers develop closer relationships with their teens.


Can you talk about your mental health to your boss?Open in a New Window

Not everyone can count on their employers' understanding and many people feel unable to be open at work about their mental health.


Coffee drinking linked to lower risk of deathOpen in a New Window

Studies confirm that a few daily cups of coffee can be part of a healthy lifestyle.


A new path for treating depressionOpen in a New Window

The complexity of major depressive disorder is pushing scientists to find more innovative ways for treating depression.


Can animals suffer from PTSD?Open in a New Window

Research on PTSD in animals suggests they respond to trauma in similar ways that people do.


The children most likely to be bullied by their own friendsOpen in a New Window

Overweight or obese children are more likely to have "frenemies," studies suggest.


Learning with music can change brain structureOpen in a New Window

Using music to learn a physical task develops an important part of the brain, according to a new study.


New study links phone use and mental health issues in teensOpen in a New Window

Nighttime usage of a cell phone can increase anxiety and depression in teenagers and reduce self-esteem.


Therapy animals are everywhere. Proof that they help is not.Open in a New Window

Pets as furry therapists is causing discomfort among some researchers, who say it has raced far ahead of scientific evidence.
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