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Mental Health Info
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Statement in Response to Executive Order on Supporting Veterans During Transition to Civilian LifeOpen in a New Window


Higher Stress Among Minority and Low-Income Populations Can Lead to Health Disparities, Says ReportOpen in a New Window

Recommends steps to address stress that significantly affect health differences, life expectancy


Perfectionism Among Young People Significantly Increased Since 1980s, Study FindsOpen in a New Window

Excessive desire to succeed, compete with others may have negative impact on youth psychological health


How Much People Earn is Associated With How They Experience HappinessOpen in a New Window

Lower-income individuals experience more positive emotions focused on others, study says


APA Calls for Consideration of Best Scientific Evidence By CDC, HHSOpen in a New Window

Guidance reflects pattern of devaluing science, APA asserts


Workplace Sexual Harassment "A Chronic Problem," Says APA PresidentOpen in a New Window

More research needed to help predict who will harass, assess effective prevention strategies


Statement of APA President in Response to House, Senate Tax BillsOpen in a New Window


APA Elects University of Memphis Professor Rosie Phillips Bingham 2019 PresidentOpen in a New Window

Will serve as 2018 president-elect


APA Honors Military for Their ServiceOpen in a New Window

Association works to support veterans


Statement of APA President in Response to Texas Church ShootingsOpen in a New Window

Calling it a "mental health problem" distracts from finding real solutions to gun violence, Puente says


APA Commends Many Recommendations of President's Opioid CommissionOpen in a New Window

Association calls for more funding, emphasis on nonpharmacological pain interventions


APA ™ Survey: US at ‘Lowest Point We Can Remember;’ Future of Nation Most Commonly Reported Source of StressOpen in a New Window

Stress in America poll shows US at its highest stress level yet


Bonding Benefits of Breastfeeding Extend Years Beyond InfancyOpen in a New Window

Longer breastfeeding predicts increases in maternal sensitivity over time


President's Declaring Opioid Epidemic a First Step, But Much More Needed, According to APAOpen in a New Window

Association outlines other critical measures to stem the tide


APA Supports Alexander-Murray Bill to Extend Health Insurance Subsidies for Two YearsOpen in a New Window

Says halting payments would "cause chaos"


The Problem with Being PrettyOpen in a New Window

When applying for less desirable jobs, attractive people may be at a disadvantage, study says


APA Identifies 10 Trends to Watch in PsychologyOpen in a New Window

Discipline plays increasingly important roles in workplaces, health care and technological advances


Supervisor Support Critical to Employee Well-Being and Workforce ReadinessOpen in a New Window

Fewer women than men report opportunities to develop skills needed for career growth


Statement of APA in Response to Trump Order to Halt Vital Health Insurance SubsidiesOpen in a New Window


Statement of APA President in Response to President's Executive Order to Override State Health Insurance Protections, Affordable Care Act RulesOpen in a New Window


APA Names First Chief Communications OfficerOpen in a New Window

Aebersold brings 25 years of communications experience, innovation, management


Statement of APA on Thaler's Nobel Prize in EconomicsOpen in a New Window


Best Way to Recognize Emotions in Others: ListenOpen in a New Window

Voice-only communication more accurate than visual cues for identifying others’ feelings, study says